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Your idea can become a reality.

Using logical thinking we can effectively and efficiently solve everyday business problems.
We provide full solutions including analysis, design, coding, testing, deploying, integration, documentation,
project management and support.

About Software Solutions

Software Solutions is a Custom Software Development House

Our Core Team consists of some of the best and brightest Graphic Designers, Software Developers, Project Managers, System Analysts and Customer Support Staff in South Africa. We work as a team to obtain a comprehensive understanding of our client's businesses to produce practical software solutions to meet their needs efficiently, effectively, and in a manner which offers maintainability and extensibility. Our software development company works with companies of all sizes in many diverse industries. Software Solutions has the right team and the right skills to handle your development project for customised software from start to finish.

We pride ourselves not merely on our technical proficiency, but on our integrity and ability to understand and communicate with each of our clients. We will provide the best options and solutions, and to clearly communicate these software development options to our clients to enable them to make the best use of their resources.

Tech Stack

Although we don't limit ourselves to the technologies we use, here are some of our favourites:

Our Services

Mobile Applications

Need an application to work on the go? We can help! Android, IOS, mobile friendly web applications - we do it all!

Software Development

We are able to provide custom software solutions built on best practices that will enhance the efficiency of any business. Using an engineering and agile approach we can develop tailored, complex, data driven solutions targeting desktop, web or mobile. We can provide end-to-end solutions from relational database design thru to reporting and business intelligence. We have an in-house platform to assist in rapid development whilst complying with enterprise standards and best-practice.


We always follow industry best-practices when designing a solution, making sure the correct architecture is used in the foundation to allow maximum benefit in the future. This allows us to provide solutions that are on the cutting edge, scalable, reliable, enterprise capable and straight forward to maintain. Additionally, these solutions are not locked-down or difficult to change and can very easily and effectively adapt to new requirements. This allows your solution to keep up with the changing needs of your business.

Project Management

We provide professional project management for any client, no matter how big or small.


For any business that wants to grow, a key requirement is simple and reliable integration with customers, suppliers, partners and internal systems. Whether you require assistance with ad-hoc integrations, or whether you are after a complete integration solution, we provide a variety of B2B integration solutions across a multitude of protocols and connections.

Our Partners

What ever you want - we can create it. From small to enterprise.

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To apply for a position as Software Developer send your CV to info@software-solutions.co.za now!

Software Developer?

With atleast 2 years of experience

Strict Requirement

Tech Stack

We do a bit of everything

C#, Node.JS, Angular, Typescript

SQL Fundi?

You must know your way around Microsoft SQL Server and be proficient in DB design and query writing

Strict Requirement


We are looking for software developers with a BSc Computer Science degree.

Or come with some good experience

Mobile Experience?

Can you write mobile friendly web apps or know Ionic?


Fun Environment

We have good coffee and an 'almost' unlimited supply of energy drinks available in the office. During the summer months our pool is the favourite hangout area - right next to the braai. Come and challenge your colleagues on our game arcade machine. Free lunch on Fridays

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